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Folk Art collecting can be rewarding and profitable.  Folk art is a type of art which is produced by artists or artisans who have little or no academic training.  These artists do not adhere to the formal art training techniques or methods.   The artwork of folk artists can relate to the areas, regions or cultures where they live. Some folk artists use tradional oil paints and other use water or acrylic paints.  Everything from canvas, wood boards or even mailboxes are created with folk art.  (The Header Photo is a Folk Art of a Tuscan Field and the Small Photo of the Red Royal Poinciana Tree Painting is used courtesy of Florida Folk Artist Mazz.)

Folk Art can include Oil Paintings, Decorative Items, Sculptures, Pottery, Religious Carvings, Circus Carvings, Handicrafts and a variety of other objects including utilitarian items.  Folk ar products or made by hand by the artists and craftsman.

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